Fitzgerald Jewellers invited to 10 Downing Street



We pride ourselves in being a small, independent, British brand, which is why we’re honoured to announce that we are part of the Small Business Saturday 100, alongside 99 of the UK’s most successful and innovative companies of 2017.

It’s not every Thursday you find yourself in Downing Street networking with the 100 most successful business owners in the country but that’s just what Andrei Matoschi was doing on the eve of the UK’s fifth Small Business Saturday.

Andrei, the marketing manager at Fitzgeralds explained: “I never dreamt I’d represent Fitzgerald Jewellers at 10 Downing Street and I still can’t believe I walked through one of the most famous doors in the world. It was fascinating to see inside of No 10, and a great opportunity to speak to some fantastic business owners from across the country. “

Small Business Saturday is a grassroots, not-for-profit campaign, originally founded by American Express in the U.S. in 2010, which remains the principal supporter of the campaign in the UK as part of its on-going commitment to encourage consumers to shop small. The campaign also benefits from the backing of leading business organisations including the Federation of Small Businesses and Enterprise Nation.

Small Business Saturday takes place on the first Saturday in December each year, but the campaign aims to have a lasting impact on small businesses. In 2017 Small Business Saturday is on Saturday, December 2nd.

Stephen Barclay MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, said: “It’s great to welcome so many business owners to Number 10 today to show our appreciation for the crucial contribution they make to Britain. Small businesses are vital to a thriving and competitive economy that is fit for the future, so it’s great to see that the number of small businesses in the UK has been growing in recent years. We hope the country will join us in championing the UK’s small businesses, and support them this Saturday.”

Michelle Ovens MBE, Director, Small Business Saturday, said: “Small Business Saturday shines a spotlight on our local businesses to show how vitally important they are to individual communities and the UK as a whole. We are encouraging everyone to support the small businesses near them this Saturday, by shopping local, and also giving them their backing into 2018 and beyond.”

Prime Minister Theresa May said (December 2016): “Small Business Saturday is an opportunity for us to celebrate the success of the UK’s 5.4 million small businesses – from family run restaurants, to innovative tech start-ups, to local corner shops. I’m delighted that we had such a great representation of firms here in Downing Street to mark this event and recognise the prosperity they bring to the UK.”

We absolutely encourage anybody thinking about starting up a business to take the leap and go for it – although the challenges can be overwhelming at times, the sense of pride that comes with living out your dream and contributing to your community is even greater.